Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis coordinates the following modules, supported by several TSL members, who are involved in various aspects of their delivery.

CIVE60008 - Transport Systems

This module forms part of the core undergraduate Civil Engineering curriculum, and is taught in the 3rd year Autumn term of our MEng course in Civil & Environmental Engineering.

It provides an overview of the design and operation of modern transportation systems, covering the fundamental aspects of passenger transportation and freight distribution.

The curriculum includes an introduction to network analysis and mathematical optimisation within the context of modern scientific programming principles.

CIVE97129 - Freight Transport

Our postgraduate module on Freight Distribution and Supply Chain Management is offered as part of the Intercollegiate MSc in Transport, run by the Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London.

The curriculum covers the principles of inventory management, supply chain network design and freight distribution operations, with a particular emphasis on the application of data science and mathematical optimisation methods.

Sector-specific logistics concepts (ie. healthcare, humanitarian response) and aspects of resilience analysis are also covered.

This module is also available as “stand-alone” course for professionals, as part of our Deparmental Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.