KERS-URBAN - Kinetic Energy Recovery for Trucks

Maritime 2050 Review - Expert Panel Membership

Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis was appointed by the UK Transport Secretary Rt Hon Chris Grayling to serve at the Expert Panel of the landmark Maritime 2050 review exercise. During 2018, the panel worked with industry, academia and policy makers to support the design of a government strategy that maintains the country’s leading position in global shipping industry.

Disaster Logistics using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

TSL has developed a mathematical model that designs and evaluates humanitarian missions that utilise Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This work is featured in a new publication. UAVs have enjoyed widespread adoption in the humanitarian sector in recent years, particularly for applications such as damage assessment and aerial monitoring.

Container shipping network analysis

There has long been a need to understand how cargo flows are structured within the global container shipping market, which accounts for over 90% of non-bulk worldwide cargo, and has been instrumental in the rise of globalisation and modern economy.

Air.Car - Real-time Engine NOx Emissions

C-LIEGE - Clean Last Mile Urban Logistics

Modular construction logistics

Our team has been studying the design of modular construction supply chains, with emphasis on performance under conditions of operational uncertainty. The outcomes of our research have been featured in our recent articles published in the Journal of Automation in Construction [1], [2].

Thames Tideway Intermodal Logistics

TSL developed a model to inform a multi-modal construction logistics strategy for the tunnelling works in the Thames Tideway and Northern Line Extension projects. The project was commissioned by Laing O’Rourke in 2013 and was carried out over 12 months.

Wuhan Logistics Cluster Masterplan

The Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory developed a Logistics Masterplan for the Wuhan Logistics Cluster (WLC), commissioned by China’s National Development and Reform Commission on behalf of the Wuhan Province. The TSL team was led by Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis, who was joined in the study by Dr Simon Hu, Dr Konstantinos Zavitsas and Dr Khalid Bichou.