Goverment Office of Science - Future of Mobility Review

Dr Marc Stettler and Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis from the Centre for Transport Studies were commissioned by the UK Government Office of Science (GoS) to provide inputs to the Future of Mobility review, part of the Foresight Programme.

The team reviewed the mechanisms that are used by the Government to quantify the supply and demand for transport services in the United Kingdom. Our analysis revealed that there exists significant stability in general trends, with evidence of increasing adoption of new shared mobility modes.

The team recommended that the UK Government should seek to:

  • use new technologies to gain insights into the changing nature of travel in the UK, and quantify the use of ride-sourcing, ride-sharing and car-sharing services;
  • monitor transport needs and their variation in space and time, therefore helping planners to integrate new mobility services with existing public transport services;
  • facilitate the provision of dynamic inter-modal routing services that would help travellers choose efficient routes and quickly react to disruptions;
  • promote peer-to-peer sharing services that could lead to further growth in shared mobility and the sharing economy.

Full reports can be found below:

Panagiotis Angeloudis
Panagiotis Angeloudis
Reader in Transport
Systems & Logistics,
Group Leader

Reader in Transport Systems and Logistics, with a passion for CS, OR and their role in transforming transportation.