Week 3 - Network Algorithms

Having previously covered some of the fundamental concepts and terminology that we will be using to study transportation systems, in this session we will draw our attention to networks.

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This session is accompanied by a Python seminar focusing on the NetworkX toolkit, which provides a very wide range of network analysis and design algorithms, which you will use in the Tutorials and your forthcoming coursework assignments.

The following handouts provide further guidance regarding certain topics covered by the lecture:

Lecture materials

Pathfinding Demo
An web app that demonstrates the differences between the algorithms that we covered during the lecture.

Advanced Topics
A list of advanced (non-examinable) topics that you could explore should you be interested in finding out more about network algorithms.

  • Notebooks

    Jupyter Notebooks that contain interactive demonstrations of the algorithms that were covered in this week’s lecture.

  • Seminar 2

    This seminar provides an introduction to the NetworkX toolkit, and an opportunity to furhter explore Python’s package management functionality.

  • Tutorial 3

    Tutorial questions relating to the materials covered in this week’s lectures.