CIVE97219 - Module team


Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis

Panagiotis is Reader in Transport Systems and Logistics at the Centre for Transport Studies. He is the module coordinator for the module and will be teaching on weeks 3-7.

Dr Jose Escribano

Jose is Research Associate with a focus on Operations Research and its applications in Transportation Systems. He contributes to the delivery of the freight transportation lectures.

Dr Nils Goldbeck

Nils is a recent TSL alumnus and Engineering lead at His expertise lies on the design of resilient engineering systems, and delivers the lecture on supply chain risk.

Teaching Assistants

The delivery of this module is supported by a team of teaching assistants, who will be involved in seminars, tutorials and assignment supervision.

Each teaching assistant will serve as your initial point of contact for queries relating to the assignments.

Eduardo Candela

Leandro Parada

Yubin Liu

Clara Gimeno Jesus