Week 10 - Transport and Environment

Lecturer: Dr Marc Stettler

Aim and Learning Outcomes

In this session we will see how transport impacts the environment, with a focus on energy consumption, climate change and air quality.

There are three learning objectives for this session and by the end of it, you will be able to:

  • Analyse energy consumption resulting from different transport technologies.
  • Understand combustion as the source of greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions.
  • Use the Simple Box Model to quantify the air quality impacts of transport emissions.

Pre-lecture Materials


Before the lecture, please complete the pre-lecture exercises.


Part 1 - Energy

In this first video, we will go back to basics to see how we need to expend energy to travel and think about how efficiently that energy is used.

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Part 2 - Combustion and emissions

In the second video, we will see how most of the climate and air pollution environmental impacts of transport are largely due to combustion. We will explore the main greenhouse gases and air pollutants emitted by the transport sector.

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Part 3 - Pollution dispersion

This video introduces one simple way which we can use to estimate the impact of transport emissions on air quality in cities.

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