Week 6 - Freight Distribution

In this session we learn about optimal tour planning for two problems of freight distribution: The Travelling Salesman Problem (also referred to as the Travelling Salesperson Problem) and Vehicle Routing Problem. We learn about different methods to solve the problem, such as the nearest neighbour algorithm, the sweep method, and the savings method.

We are building upon our earlier work on mathematical programming and supply chain networks.

Due to a technical issue, the week 6 recording did not contain any sound. We have therefore replaced the corrupt video with an archived version of the same lecture, recorded in a previous year

Week 6 - Part 1

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Week 6 - Part 2

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Week 6 - Part 3

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Week 6 - Part 4

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Lecture materials

  • Notebooks

    Jupyter Notebooks that contain interactive demonstrations of the algorithms that were covered in this week’s lecture.

  • Tutorial 6

    Tutorial questions relating to the materials covered in this week’s lectures.