Seminar - NetworkX

At last week’s seminar, we learned about Python and Anaconda. This week we are going to be putting our new Python skills to practice for the analysis of transportation networks.

We will do this using NetworkX - a powerful network analysis toolkit used by practitioners and scientists across various disciplines.

To proceed with this seminar, you must ensure that you have attended last week’s session and installed Anaconda on your computer.

How are we going to use NetworkX

We will set up our environments to use Jupyter Notebook with the correct Python and NetworkX release versions. The seminar covers this in detail. The preparation, installation, and setup can take some time, so make sure you dedicate time to do them correctly.

Seminar video

To be added after the lecture


To be added after the lecture

We recommend you carefully study all the above files and try to understand how they work. Should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to ask for help from the GTA team.

Datacamp (Optional)

There are two Datacamp modules that further explore NetworkX and its usage for network analysis. These are not part of our coursework assignment but are highly recommended.

Further notebooks

More notebooks have been provided for your self-study. Learning how to import nodes, link data, and implement node coordinates will help you in the long run. The notebooks can be found here:

Network Algorithms - Jupyter Notebooks