Week 2 - Network Algorithms

This session will focus on the key algorithms we use to manipulate and explore networks that describe complex transport systems.

This session is accompanied by a Python seminar focusing on the NetworkX toolkit, which provides an extensive range of network analysis and design algorithms, which you will use in the Tutorials and your forthcoming coursework assignments.

Lecture materials

Guide on the use of loose-end tables
How to structure loose-end tables correctly, which are helpful when we have to solve a pathfinding problem by hand.

Pathfinding Demo
An web app that demonstrates the differences between the algorithms we covered during the lecture.

  • Notebooks

    Jupyter Notebooks that contain interactive demonstrations of the algorithms that were covered in this week’s lecture.

  • Seminar 2

    This seminar provides an introduction to the NetworkX toolkit and an opportunity to explore Python’s package management functionality further.

  • Tutorial 2

    Tutorial questions relating to the materials covered in this week’s lectures.