Week 1 - Class Discussion

You represent a transport consultancy and have been asked to advise Transport for London on designing a new route in the London Underground, which would help alleviate congestion across the network.

Please review the files posted on the CIVE60008 Box folder , and work with your groups to provide answers to the below questions.

  1. Describe the purpose of the files included in the dataset.
  2. What tools would you use to understand and analyze how the passengers are using the network currently?
  3. Is it possible to determine, from the information provided, which routes are used by passengers to travel between stations?
  4. What process could you follow to determine whether any parts of the network (lines or stations) are congested?
  5. When planning the new route, does it make sense to consider the demand between pairs of stations? Or would it be preferable to study the network using zones? Why?
  6. Describe the process that you would follow to divide the network into zones. What factors would you take into account?
  7. As part of the construction of the new line, you may need to establish a new line. What factors would you take into account when determining the ideal locations?
  8. What do you think will happen to the demand levels once you introduce the new line and stations in the network? Will the overall demand remain the same?
All teams must respond to the survey before next week’s session. A single submission should be submitted from each group.