Week 1 - Introduction to Transport

This session provides an introduction to this module. It consists of a brief overview of the evolution of transport systems over the centuries and an outline of the design principles of modern transport systems.

Part 1 - Components of Transport Systems

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Part 2 - Building Transport Models

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Part 3 - Modelling Networks

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This session is accompanied by an online seminar on the basics of the Python programming language, which we will be using throughout the module to demonstrate some of the concepts that we cover.

Lecture materials

  • Class Discussion

    Class assignment to be discussed among groups (either within the class or online). Each group is expected to submit a response to an online survey before the end of the week.

  • Seminar 1

    We will be using Python and Jupyter notebooks to practice the modelling approaches that we will be covering in this module. This session will help you familiarise yourself with the most common Python programming toolkits and help you get started with your first coursework assignment.

  • Tutorial 1

    Tutorial questions relating to the materials covered in this week’s lectures.