Lefteris Anastasiadis

Lefteris Anastasiadis

Postdoc (‘21)

Imperial College London

Lefteris is a Research Associate at the Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory in the Centre for Transport studies. His current research focuses on the agent-based simulation of Shared Autonomous Vehicle (AV) fleets, underpinned by game-theoretic analysis of their interactions with other modes of transport and interacting systems.

The ultimate objective of his work is the reduction of traffic congestion and the facilitation of a controlled mode shift from private cars to AVs. His is particularly interested in the mathematical modelling and design of fast and practical algorithms for vehicle routing and depot-location (parking/EV charging) problems in Mobility as a Service platforms.

Before joining TSL, Lefteris obtained a PhD in Algorithmic Mechanism Design from the University of Liverpool and the Economics and Computation Group and an MSc in Computation and Game Theory from the same institution. He holds a BSc in Informatics and Telecommunications from the University of Athens.

His doctoral research focused on algorithmic mechanism design for network problems with applications in urban planning, focusing on computationally intractable optimisation problems, implemented as games between competing entities. The resulting algorithms where computationally efficient and robust against strategic manipulations.

  • Network Mechanism Design
  • Logistics Fleet Operations
  • Mathematical Optimisation
  • Game-Theoretic Modelling
  • PhD in Algorithmic Mechanism Design, 2017

    University of Liverpool

  • MSc in Computation and Game Theory, 2012

    University of Liverpool

  • BSc in Informatics and Telecommunications, 2010

    University of Athens

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